Christmas Food Bank collection

4 trolleys full, 3 proud directors, 2 dollys loaded and a sofa full of food

We are so proud of the contribution our team have made to the Blackpool Food Bank this Christmas.

An estimated £800.00 worth of basic food items such as UHT milk, kettle products, such as pot noodles, and non-perishable Christmas treats were delivered to the Blackpool Foodbank on Whitehills Business Park for distribution to local people struggling in the current economic situation.

Behind the lights of the promenade lies the UK’s most deprived town. The 2021 Census classified households in terms of four different “dimensions of deprivation” . The Office the National Statistics data shows that nearly 62% of households in Blackpool were deprived in at least one of those dimensions, this is the highest proportion of all local authorities in England and Wales and is far in excess of the national average of 51.7%.

It will therefore come as no surprise that many residents of Blackpool have to chose between heating their homes or buying food. Indeed many opt to boil the kettle for a pot noddle rather than incur extra energy costs by putting the oven on to prepare meals.

Most of our team at Easthams live locally so for them to give back to the community in such a generous way means an awful lot.

Posted 16th December 2022

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