Equality and diversity survey 2021


Our regulator, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), requires us to collect, report and publish data about the diversity make-up of our workforce. This data is collected every other year, the latest collection being July 2021.

The survey

The SRA set 14 questions which cover gender, age, sexual orientation, religion and socio-economic background. Responses from individuals within our company are provided anonymously and voluntarily. As a result, we have no way of verifying whether the answers given by individuals are accurate.

Data protection

Our company employs fewer than 50 staff so some of the data collected may make it easy to identify individuals. We have therefore chosen not to publish information about religion or belief, sexual orientation, or if individuals identify with their birth gender, as we believe this to be sensitive personal information.

Roles within Easthams 

Two-thirds of our workforce is female. Women hold key positions throughout the practice including Director, Solicitors, Chartered Legal Executives and other fee earning roles.


More than 40% of our staff have been with us for at least a decade. This loyalty goes some way to explain the age demographic at Easthams.

Age Demographic


The 2011 Census showed that just 3.3% of Blackpool’s residents consider themselves as part of an ethnic minority group. This is reflected in our staffing, as the vast majority are British and white. Our results show that at least 10% of our team come from another white background or are of mixed ethnic groups.

Ethnicity infographic


The survey included questions about disability. 5% of our staff consider themselves to have a disability according to the definition in the Equality Act 2010.

8% of our team have a health problem or disability that affects their day-to-day activities.

Disability infographic

Socio-Economic Background

The legal profession should attract the best people, regardless of background, and they should reflect the community they serve. The SRA Equality & Diversity Survey seeks to reinforce that idea and asks questions around schooling and the backgrounds we hail from. Almost all of our team live locally in Blackpool and Lancashire and we pride ourselves on providing straightforward advice and getting the job done effectively.


What type of school did our staff attend between the age of 11 and 16?

74% of our staff attended a state run school. 18% attended an independent school. The remainder attended school outside the UK or aren’t sure what type of school they attended.

Schooling infographic

Growing Up

What was the occupation of your main household earner when you were about 14?

This is quite a difficult question to answer as the survey tries to fit so many jobs in limited brackets. The Modern Professional bracket includes jobs such as teacher, nurse, social worker, accountant, solicitor and civil engineer.

Parent's occupation

Did either of your parents attend university by the time you were 18?

The parents of 66% of our staff did not attend university. Just 26% of our staff had a parent attend university.

Did your parents attend university?

Caring Duties

The final section of the survey seeks to understand how many of our staff are the primary carer for a child under 18 years old and how many care for someone with long term physical or mental ill health.

28% of our staff have children under the age of 18. 13% of our staff care for someone with long-term health issues.

Primary Carer infographic

Care provider infographic