Slips, Trips or Falls

Claim Compensation for slips, trips or falls

Injuries after a slip, trip, or fall are not unusual and are among the more common types of accidents in public places. Regardless of if this was inside or outdoors, if you are in a public place, the property or landowner has a responsibility to make sure it is safe, or they should have safeguarded against any known hazards. If you have suffered an injury due to an accident in public, you may be able to claim compensation from those responsible.

Our specialist personal injury lawyers can provide advice and guidance on a wide range of compensation claims due to a slip trip or fall in public, helping our clients make successful claims against the organisation responsible such as:

  • Council or Local Authority
  • Shops or Supermarkets
  • Sports grounds
  • Schools or activity centres

Easthams – the best choice for slip, trip or fall claims

We realise how upsetting having an accident can be, especially if this was due to someone else’s negligence and results in an injury. You may not even release you have the right to claim compensation if the injuries seem minor or systems take a while to appear. Slips, trips, or falls can also cause much more severe injuries, such as bone breaks, spinal damage, or head trauma, leading to lifelong implications.

If you have been injured after a slip, trip or fall in a public place in the last three years, and you believe it was someone else’s fault, our specialist personal injury lawyers may be able to help you make a slip and trip claim for compensation.

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Easthams personal injury lawyers in Blackpool and the Fylde Coast, have the knowledge and expertise to successfully secure compensation for the impact of your accident has had on you and any injuries suffered.

Thanks to our many years of experience we can make the process of claiming compensation quick and simple, and we pride ourselves on recovering high levels of compensation every year.

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Can I claim compensation for slipping over or tipping up in public?

Suppose the ground you are walking on was unsafe, or warning signs or other safeguards could have prevented the accident. In that case, the accident could be due to negligence, and you could be entitled to claim compensation for injuries and damages suffered. This area of law can be complex and negligence challenging to prove, so once you have sought the appropriate medical help, you should seek legal advice from a personal injury specialist who can guide you through the process of making a claim.

When making a public liability accident compensation claim, we will work with you to establish if:

  • There was a failure by those responsible for the public place to take reasonable steps to protect your health and safety.
  • This failure caused your injuries.

Our specialist personal injury team will work hard to obtain all the required details from you and will advise you on your grounds for a successful compensation claim.

Start a slip, trip claim today

If you have recently been the victim of a slip trip accident in a public place or at work, you can speak to our friendly and helpful team about claiming compensation. Even if you are unsure who was at fault for your accident, we provide a free, no-obligation advice session to evaluate your case. If we believe you a valid claim, we will guide you through the process of making a claim.

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