Careless workers

Injured by careless workmates

Injuries in the workplace can happen for several reasons, across all industries and in any working environment. If this is due to negligence by your employer for failure in their ‘duty of care’ then you could be entitled to claim compensation for your injury and suffering. However, what if that injury was caused by your work colleague?

In these cases, your employer may be held liable for the acts or errors of its employees, providing it can be shown it occurred whilst in the course of their employment. This is known as ‘vicarious liability’ and your employer would be held responsible for the actions, inactions, or errors of another party. The injured employee would then make a workplace injury claim against the employer.

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Vicarious liability claims

It is your employers ‘duty of care’ to protect your safety and wellbeing whilst at work. Failure to do so can mean they are held liable for the consequences of their negligence. This includes accidents that occur because of the negligence or recklessness of another employee, due to inadequate training or poor management for example. Employers could also fail to enforce the correct safety procedures or ensure that workers were using suitable safety equipment (PPE). Regardless of how the accident happened, if you believe your injury was caused by someone else, we guide you through the entire process of making workplace injury compensation claim, including helping you to claim for any loss or earnings if you are unable to work. We can also ensure you receive any appropriate medical treatment and rehabilitation you may need.

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