Court of Protection

The Court of Protection is responsible for protecting the rights of those who have been assessed as lacking the mental capacity to make a particular decision for themselves. The Court is responsible for:

  • deciding whether someone has the mental capacity to make a particular decision for themselves
  • appointing deputies to make ongoing decisions for people who lack mental capacity
  • permitting people to make one-off decisions on behalf of someone else who lacks mental capacity
  • handling urgent or emergency applications where a decision must be made on behalf of someone else without delay
  • making decisions about a lasting power of attorney or enduring power of attorney and considering any objections to their registration
  • considering applications to make statutory wills or gifts
  • making decisions about when someone can be deprived of their liberty under the Mental Capacity Act

At Easthams, our Court of Protection lawyers can advise on Court of Protection applications.

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If you need to apply to the Court of Protection, we can help you.

We understand how stressful Court of Protection applications can be. Our experienced solicitors can help with all mental capacity assessment matters and Court of Protection Applications or challenges.

Applying to be a Court of Protection Deputy

A Deputy is an individual appointed by the Court of Protection to make the decisions for a person who is no longer able to make decisions for themselves.

A family member or close friend can be a Deputy. However, you can also appoint a professional person, such as a solicitor.

Easthams can assist you if a family member or close friend can no longer make decisions for themselves and they have not previously signed a Lasting Power of Attorney. We can provide you all the information you need, offering sensitive yet practical guidance, helping you:

  • Assist with the Mental Capacity assessment process
  • Applications to the Court of Protection
  • We can act as professional deputies, where required, including in complex cases
  • Provide support to lay people (usually family members) in all aspects of the process of becoming a deputy
  • Provide advice and support to Deputies with their responsibilities
  • Disputes over decisions being made for a person who lacks mental capacity

The process of applying to be a Deputy can often prove daunting and time consuming. Our team will support you through the application process or can make the application on your behalf.

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